Love & Grow Counseling in Bend, Oregon.

Welcome to Love and Grow Counseling. My name is Laura Robinson and I am a counselor providing mental health services in Bend, Oregon through Love & Grow Counseling.

Love & Grow Counseling:

(Offices @ Brookswood, Suite 150 I)
19750 Amber Meadow Drive,
Bend, OR

The main belief that drives my counseling is that we are all relational beings. We are in relationships with ourselves and others, and our Higher Powers, if that is part of your spiritual belief-system.

Relationships are complex; they can be so rewarding, and they can also feel downright overwhelming sometimes.  If you are seeking support around issues such as relationships, depression, anxiety, shame, or mood/emotional regulatory disorders, I would love to connect with you and provide a free 10-minute phone consultation to see if we are a good fit.

I provide couples counseling and also individual counseling, for adult men and women. I absolutely love what I do, and the ways I can help bring emotional health and healing to the clients that I serve.

If you would like to schedule a therapy session, or for any questions, please feel free to reach out. My contact information is under “Contact” on the drop-down menu bar.

Take care. All my best wishes for a life of Love & Growth!

– Laura M. Robinson